In the Studio - Oil on Canvas - 24 x 30 - Sold

 I am a painter working out of my studio in Fort Worth, Texas. The majority of my work is done either from live models (portraits) or from photographs (wildlife). I also enjoy doing plein-aire landscapes and waterscapes around North Central Texas.
After receiving a degree in Fine Art from Southern Methodist University, I devoted my career to painting and drawing. Working as a fashion illustrator upon graduation was a natural fit due to my love of figurative art and life drawing. I then taught Elementary Art and had to relearn the basics in order to teach them to my students.  I began learning to approach my personal work as a child does. To me, children are like little sponges and do some of the freshest, most undiluted work the rest of us aspire to.

Fashion illustration by Alison Aldrich

Fashion illustration by Alison Aldrich

Fashion Illustration/ Design by Alison Aldrich

Artwork by Shaniya Sillers - Grade 4

While working as a teacher and illustrator I always kept a studio space but didn't start painting full-time until the fall of 2016. The previous summer I lost a large illustration account (Weirs Furniture) and my mother passed away from a serious illness. There was nothing left to do and once I transitioned into painting and started seeing the people and wildlife around me I couldn't stop.
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